solved bug of "password paranoic" of security storage for eclipse in linux

Obsolete see: 18 steps to avoid Eclipse Security password paranoic

It's necessary to remember of the security storage's password for first use of cvs plugin of eclipse if you use linux.
This issue because the security storage plugin don't save password.
If you want save password of security storage you can modify source of plugin "" like below:

A special thanks to ErMandrake for his technical and moral support.

3 commenti:

salvio ha detto...

great job! every time we will use CVS we thanks you!

olistik ha detto...

you're the No1 ;-)

alex ha detto...

Good grief !!! You mean that I, as a humble developer that just needs to get the job done, have to modify the whole crap like that ?@!?!(^%(&^%
Good Lord, have pity on us, o mighty Eclipse